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Did you know that anything you do in life affects other parts of your life? You need to look at every aspect of your financial situation, instead of just one. The cogs must all be working together!


Are you fully utilizing the 90 years of research that help investors utilize the power of Pulitzer Prize winning economists?


In order to make “cents” from your dollars, you need to have a destination, what we call goals. This is done through a process that will guide you through the rest of your life.

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With over 70 years of total experience, and being fiduciaries since 1996, we look forward to educating people about their finances.


We continually teach public classes at places like Rock Valley College, the Rockford Public Library, and the Rockford campus of Northern Illinois University. Ask us about our upcoming class.

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Your time is valuable and precious. When there are hundreds of tools, tactics, and strategies, why would you try to find the best 3-5 that would work best for you? Do you want to navigate the financial jungle alone, or take a guide who knows the traps and has been in the jungle thousands of times?

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Nobel Prize Research

Over 90 years of Nobel laureate investment research.

Free Markets Work

Find out why a free market economy is the greatest wealth creation tool known to mankind.


Are you destroying your wealth by the things you, or your current advisor is doing?

Wealth Engine

Friction ruins a good engine, did you know there is friction in your wealth engine?